A working report on grameen phone

Lead specialist, (eqv senior manager) financial accounting and reporting at grameenphone ltd i am currently working and going forward also love to join in a team where, i would have the maximum opportunities of utilization of acquired knowledge & experience, creativity, intelligence, decision-making ability and. Dear sir, with due respect, i would like to inform you that i have completed the internship report on communication process of grameen phone page 6 of 51 declaration i declare that no portion of the work referred to in the report has been submitted in support of an application for another degree or. Iqbal quadir, founder of grameenphone in bangladesh, recounts how he built a network with 55 million subscribers from scratch i was to work in a small firm that had just some rudimentary networks, so we didn't have floppy discs and cumbersome activities one time it broke down, and i was waiting for. The village phone (vp) program is an initiative of the grameen bank, a well- known nongovernmental organization to a cell phone at low cost has empowered villagers significantly in their work domain they now can make a grameen phone report says that the government finds its sources of income, both legal and. Titled “customer satisfaction of grameenphone and communication approach” grameenphone ltd, nitol niloy tower, nikunja north c/a, airport road, dhaka is prepared by me after completion of three months work in grameenphone ltd i am also confirming that, the report prepared is only for my.

So this report preparing and submitting is a partial requirement for completing the bachelor of business administration (bba)this report is an outcome of the three month long internship program conducted in grameenphone ltd, the most reputed leading telecommunication company of the country the decided to work on. The best company to work for any person in bangladesh salary , compensation and benefits are too good always have a lively environment to work cons there is nothing i can say about the cons the only cons i have found that you always have to update yourself with new technology grameenphone will not force you. However the following points have also considered as secondary objectives while preparing this report: • to fulfill the partial requirement of the principle of management course • to know how employees are treated in grameenphone • whether employees get enough flexibility or not in their work place we can know. Because the phones are so important for whole villages, having female operators has helped to enhance the status of women in the communities where they work infrastructure grameen telecom s original goal was to have a phone in each of bangladesh s 65,000 villages by 2000, but only 4,543 village phones.

The grameen bank (bengali: গ্রামীণ বাংক) is a microfinance organisation and community development bank founded in bangladesh it makes small loans to the impoverished without requiring collateral grameen bank originated in 1976, in the work of professor muhammad yunus at university of chittagong, who. The operator disclosed the q1 financial report on sunday 76 0 76shares grameenphone ltd has earned 649% growth in data revenue while its voice revenue grew by 71% for the first quarter of 2017 with this, 422% of total subscribers are using grameenphone internet services according to dilip. Internship program was helpful to face the real working environment being the largest cellular phone company in the country, grameenphone has to have a huge number of human assets to deal with those gigantic number of employees grameenphone has a well-established human resource division.

M-reporting is a managed application service for field forcesales order collectionpayment collectionsurveystock report etcgeneric off the shelf services readily availablecustomizable to support business requirementsbenefits:automate sales order collection and other field level work data sent through sms / grrs is. The performance evaluation report rates the project highly successful overall the project achieved its main objective of assisting the establishment of a nationwide telephone system by the end of 2011, grameenphone's mobile services covered 90% of the land area and 99% of the population the village.

A working report on grameen phone

Grameen telecom's village phone programme in rural bangladesh: a multi- media case study final report march 17, 2000 prepared by dr don richardson, ricardo project, to investigate the impact of the grameenphone and grameen telecom 23 financial remittances from overseas workers and phone use.

  • Discussion is based on interviews with managers who deal with csr issues and strategy and an analysis of published reports such as annual the paper also tries to explore current practices in csr by the mnc grameenphone bangladesh, katalyst and bangladesh enterprises (bei) are working at the forefront of.
  • The commission said in an interim report this week that the original licence for grameenphone, bangladesh's biggest mobile operator with a 40 per cent market share, was obtained illegally the report calls for grameenphone's licence to be immediately suspended, or for telenor to relinquish 16 per cent of.
  • Performance evaluation report bangladesh: grameenphone telecommunications project and grameenphone telecommunications expansion project 4 b development outcomes and impact 4 c adb investment profitability 11 d adb work quality 11 e adb additionality 13 f overall project rating 14.

Grameenphone ceo michael foley has responded to the recent reports on alleged evasion of tk 20 billion in taxes by his firm has referred certain cases to the bsec, and wish to reiterate that while the cases are pending before the different judicial forums, we continue to work with nbr, ltu-vat and. Introduction origin of the report: term paper report is a practical part of academic studies this is a reflection of academic knowledge through practical work experience thus this term paper report aims to reflect the professional view of real world working environment the department of business administration of. Grameenphone ltd dse: gp bloomberg: gram:bd re-initiation report target price: bdt 4800, current price: 4714 rating: market-weight valuation date: 30st industry: the government of bangladesh is working towards accelerated use of information and digital communication systems to. A report on: communication barriers in grameen phone prepared and submitted by zerogravity course teacher drfaheem hasan limited time frame is another problem because we have to maintain both class and others when we work along the report 4 what is communication barrier communication barriers.

a working report on grameen phone Grameen's famous village phone program lifted thousands out of poverty– and helped muhammad yunus win the nobel peace prize the problem: it's not working anymore. a working report on grameen phone Grameen's famous village phone program lifted thousands out of poverty– and helped muhammad yunus win the nobel peace prize the problem: it's not working anymore.
A working report on grameen phone
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